Who We Are

Fenstermann Window Fashion Made in Germany is known for its custom Pleated Blinds that operate bottom-up/top-down with no distracting strings hanging in the glass.We also carry a complete line of very unique European fabrics for roller shades - prints or solid colors, leather, suede or metal. Our newest addition are XL Pleated Blinds in over 80 different fabrics. They operate as the regular pleated blinds bottom-up / top-down but they can expand up to 15 feet in width.


Pleated Shades

Fenstermann bottom up - top down pleated blinds are a very unique solution: their depth is only 7/8" and they fit into almost any window/ door opening. This German patented treatment system operated both ways (bottom-up / top- down) and is freely adjustable. No strings will hang on the glass and distract your view to the outside. You  can  choose  from  over  400  different  fabrics in color, design and print.


Window Fashion Made In Germany.

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